Tiling Contractors Hampshire

At Stitson Tiling, we believe in putting each and every one of our highly valued clients first, and offer our specialist tiling services in Hampshire and the surrounding areas. We want our clients to always get the results they desire, which is why we take pride in the first-class services we offer. From materials, management and administration, we can make the process of renovating your home or commercial space as easy as possible.

Tiling Contractors Hampshire: What We Can do for You

Our tiling contractors in Hampshire are specialists in every aspect of wall and floor tiling. We can provide solutions for both internal and external spaces. Further to this, our industry experience allows us to provide our clients with a healthy combination of pleasing aesthetics and functionality. Whatever project we embark on, we’ll ensure the design is completed within your budget and on time, saving you from the unnecessary stress that is caused by incomplete labour.

As specialist advisors, we will work closely with you from the very beginning of your project, right up until its completion, ensuring you are highly involved throughout the entire process. The dedicated team at Stitson Tiling provide rapid quotations for a wide variety of tiling jobs. Our range of services means we’re confident we can deliver effective solutions for clients who are working with a wide range of budgets.

Who We Work Alongside…

With over 20 years of industry experience, we can offer a comprehensive service to specialist sectors that are looking to sub contract work, such as building firms, architects, shop fitters, tiling companies, and interior designers. In addition to this, we will always welcome private enquiries.

Our vast experience, allows us to find you the perfect solution for a range of spaces.

Swimming Pools

Swimming pool areas are designed with both relaxation and fun in mind, so it makes sense to keep your swimming pool space looing its best with sparkling tiles. Whether you want a range of tile colours for a custom and personalised design, or are looking for a sleek, clean line finish, our range of materials, tile sizes and colours is sure to provide you with the finish you desire.

Kitchen Floors and Walls

Kitchens are often referred to as the heart of the home, and as such are used each and every day. Consequently, you need a hardwearing tile that will continue to provide the aesthetic you desire as time goes on. By investing in the services of tiling contractors in Hampshire, you will benefit from a low maintenance flooring option that will strike the perfect balance between style and practicality.


When working alongside our knowledgeable tiling contractors in Hampshire, you will benefit from having access to the latest materials in bathroom design. In addition to this, we can ensure you maximise the space you have available, by giving you a wide range of tiling options to choose from, making the most of any light that is bounced around the space. Furthermore, as tiles are water resistant, they perfect option for any bathroom. Their easy to clean nature makes them the most hygienic choice for flooring as they don’t trap hair or stains.

Tiling Contractors Hampshire: Why choose us?

Our team of tiling contractors in Hampshire are fully trained to NVQ level, Health and Safety tested and hold the recognised construction skills certificate. Whether your bathroom needs a total inspection and repair, or a small renovation to help modernise its appearance, then we can help. At Stiston Tiling, we have dedicated in house plumbers that can manage the entire job for you. We are happy to chat through any queries you may have, without obligation and welcome you to get in contact with a member of our team by phone or email.